IEEE IoT Newsletter - March 2018


Article 1

IoT as a Key Enabler to Singapore’s Smart Nation Vision

Low Teck Seng

Singapore has set its ambitions high to be the world’s first Smart Nation. IoT plays a critical role in helping us realise this vision. IoT is not just about being connected to multiple devices – it is about designing connected systems to deliver real value to individuals and organisations in a secure and equitable manner. IoT is a key enabler in improving our lives, helping to deliver more responsive public services, efficient work processes and better living experiences.


Article 2

The Internet of Nothing and The Internet of Things

Nahum Gershon

As I was walking through the huge display halls at the last Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2018, I happened to see a display of a bathroom mirror. It was not a simple bathroom mirror - it was also a touchscreen.


Article 3Event-Driven Cloud Architecture Considerations for an Interactive Internet of Things

Javier Moreno Molina

The Internet of Things represents a vision of a world where computer systems are connected and completely integrated with the physical world. Communications, sensing, and actuation interfaces are present now in more and more objects, not only in industry but also in our daily life.


Article 4(I)IoT Protocols for Beginners

Vivart Kapoor

We all know the HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol). These are the first 4 characters that you see on any URL of a website you open in your browser. In simple terms, it is a list of rules that define do’s and don’ts of communication between web browser and web server.



Article 5

WF-IoT News

IEEE 5th World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT), 15-18 April 2019, Limerick, Ireland (More information coming soon!)



Article 5

Upcoming IoT Initiative Activities

IEEE Vertical and Topical Summit on Agriculture, 7-8 May 2018, Tuscany
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IEEE Vertical and Topical Summit Alaska, 11-13 June 2018, Anchorage
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This Month's Contributors

Low Teck Seng is the Chief Executive Officer of the National Research Foundation, Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore.

Nahum Gershon focuses on social media, the Internet of Things, strategic planning, visualization, combining creative expressions with technology and real-time information delivery, presentation & interaction (including storytelling) in mobile, wearable as well as traditional devices including how they could improve both organizational environments and our personal lives.

Javier Moreno Molina (IEEE Member) received his master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Technical University of Madrid, and his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Vienna University of Technology.

Vivart Kapoor is a project manager at KSB AG in Germany where he is involved in various IoT/digital transformation projects.


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