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IoT Developer Survey

IoT Developer Survey 2017

The third edition of the IoT Developer Survey 2017 has been released. As in previous years, the report provides some interesting insights into what IoT developers are thinking and using to build IoT solutions.

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IEEE Talks IoT: George Corser

IEEE Talks IoT: George Corser

Read our latest Q&A with George Corser, assistant professor of computer science and information systems at Saginaw Valley State University. In this interview, Corser explores some of the key considerations and challenges for security in a variety of IoT applications, including autonomous ones.

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Interoperability in the Internet of Things

Interoperability in the Internet of Things

The original IoT vision is of a hyper-connected global ecosystem in which "things" communicate with other "things" whenever needed to deliver highly diversified services to users. Yet, today, vendor-specific solutions have created local IoT silos. To address this situation, many IoT researchers and industry leaders are now focusing on interoperability.

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