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The Next Wave: Internet of Things

The Next Wave: Internet of Things

The National Security Agency has published a special review on the Internet of Things.

The latest edition of The Next Wave, the NSA's review of emerging technologies, features articles on new innovations, IoT privacy and security challenges, agile block ciphers for IoT, and more. Becky Richards, NSA Director of Civil Liberties and Privacy, is the issue's guest editor.

Download issue at NSA.gov (PDF, 5 MB)

Feature Article

IoT City

Connected Vehicles: Advancing Technology for the Future

The car of the near future will be transformed from an isolated island of glass and steel to a fully interconnected node in the Internet of Things (IoT). Information and communications technologies are rapidly transforming vehicles and the roles they play in our daily lives. Significant advances in driverless assistants, fuel efficiency, passenger safety and entertainment, route planning, in-route information, emergency services and more are announced weekly.

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Technology Spotlight


Micro-Supercapacitor Embedded in a Chip Could Power IoT Apps

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a small, extremely efficient micro-supercapacitor that can be integrated directly inside a silicon microcircuit chip. The technology opens new possibilities for integrated mobile devices and zero-power autonomous devices required for the Internet of Things (IoT). Supercapacitors resemble electrochemical batteries in that they are typically discrete energy storage devices that can power a large variety of applications, from small electronic gadgets to electrical vehicles.

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