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New Podcast with Jeff Voas on What is Internet of Things?

New Podcast with Jeff Voas on "What is Internet of Things?"

When Jeff Voas, Computer Scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), set out to determine the security implications of IoT, he discovered that first he would need to provide a scientific definition. In this podcast, he discusses how his research led him to create NIST Special Publication 800-183 which explores the science, foundation, and security ramifications of IoT.

Listen to the podcast at Federal News Radio.

Download NIST Special Publication 800-183 at NIST.gov (PDF, 3 MB).

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Security in IoT Based on Smart Object Identities

Security in IoT Based on Smart Object Identities

Secure IoT ecosystems require new identity management solutions to cope with new challenges due to the inherent nature and requirements of IoT, where the identities of a huge amount of heterogeneous smart objects need to be managed. Current proposed solutions need to be adapted to the envisioned scenarios allowing more flexible sharing models, as well as volatile and dynamic security associations between entities, while privacy is still preserved, keeping data minimization and unlinkability as main concerns.

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Technology in the Summer Games Timeline

Technology in the Summer Games Timeline

The Summer Games originated in ancient Greece over 3,000 years ago with the modern Games taking place in 1896 in Athens. Since then, the Games have been at the forefront of technology development and usage. Explore the timeline to see how tech has influenced and evolved with the Games and athletes throughout the decades.

View the interactive timeline at IEEE Transmitter.