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Introducing the IEEE Internet of Things Magazine

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IEEE is proud to announce the IEEE Internet of Things Magazine, a publication of the IEEE IoT Initiative, a multi-society technical group.

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TVThe IoT Channel on IEEE.tv has grown to become a robust resource, with more than 100 technical presentations, keynotes, and panel sessions available from past editions of the IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT.) Streaming is free of charge to all, and IEEE members can download the videos as well.

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IEEE IoT Courses

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Online Training Course Available

Register early for the 27 February online course,"Wireless for the Internet of Things" and save 10% on your registration fee when you use promo code EBWIOT during checkout.

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IEEE IoT Courses

IEEE Guide to the Internet of Things Course Program

New online course program from IEEE covering industry applications for the Internet of Things, along with challenges and future opportunities. Includes topics such as IoT software, limitations of wireless technology, reference architecture and use cases.





Course Titles Include:

  •     What is the Internet of Things?   
  •      IoT Software: Fundamental Concepts and State of the Art      
  •     Exploring IoT Industry Applications
    •  The Evolution of Internet of Things for Healthcare
    • Limitations of Wireless Technology for Healthcare IoT
    • Paving the Way for Future IoT Applications in Healthcare     
  •   Social Internet of Things
    •  The Emerging Paradigm of the Social Internet of Things
    • Existing Platforms
    • Reference Architecture and Use Cases

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Articles & Publications

IEEE Talks IoT

IEEE Talks IoT

Check out our ongoing series of Q&A articles with the IEEE experts!

Read our latest Q&A with George Corser, assistant professor of computer science and information systems at Saginaw Valley State University. In this interview, Corser explores some of the key considerations and challenges for security in a variety of IoT applications, including autonomous ones.

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The IEEE IoT eNewsletter is looking for authors!

The IEEE IoT eNewsletter is a bi-monthly online publication that features practical and timely technical information and forward-looking commentary on IoT developments and deployments around the world. We are currently looking for authors to contribute articles for future issues. Learn more about how to contribute an article.


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Conference Presentations


Share in the knowledge that our subject-matter experts shared at IEEE IoT Summits, Conference and World Forums.

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Mobile Power and the Internet of Thing Webinar - 2 May 2018

Presenter: Lee Stogner
Vincula Group, IEEE IoT Initiative

This webinar provides an introduction to the technology, applications and issues in providing electrical power for mobile devices such as wearables / medical devices and remotely installed equipment for the Internet of Things.  Users will be able to understand how power can be provided for the billions of devices that will be remotely connected to the Internet in the years ahead.

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