IEEE IoT Newsletter - July 2019


Article 1

AIoT: Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

Jeffrey S. Katz

It’s time for another convergence. IT/OT convergence is happening, initiated by cybersecurity mutual interests, now pressure-fit by fuzzy boundaries with computing at the edge, and in the Cloud. Let’s talk about two other large technology trends forming a junction, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things. We can even squeeze out a letter, and instead of AI-IoT, we have AIoT. This becomes more interesting when thinking of AIoT at the edge, where the action is, however perhaps more distributed than ‘classic AI’ (a phrase I never thought I’d write).


Article 2

How Smart Cities Can Benefit from Autonomous Cars?

Dalton Oliveira

Smart cities, the concept in itself, it is more than solely implementing known and new technologies – this is digital cities. When we talk about something smart, we are talking about the capability of connecting technologies, dealing with data, and bringing value – in the case of smart cities, bringing value for the perspective of citizens and governments.


Article 3Using IoT in the Classroom Towards Energy Savings and Sustainability Awareness

Georgios Mylonas, Federica Paganelli, Pavlos Koulouris, Joerg Hofstaetter, and Nelly Leligou

The Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities are two of the most popular directions the research community is pursuing very actively. But although we have made great progress in many fields, we are still trying to figure out how we can utilize our smart city and IoT infrastructures, in order to produce reliable, economically sustainable solutions that create public value, and even more so in the field of education.


Article 4Adding One More AI Layer on Connected Technologies

Riccardo Petrolo, and Teresa Macchia

In a workplace world, where connected devices, collected data, and applications overcome the number of people, a call to action is in place to make our future sustainable. The conventional and close straight-line business models – which apply to smart industry too – is indeed becoming unsustainable in the long term. Hence, new intelligent technologies have the power to play a central role to foster a regenerative economic cycle by combining and facilitating the (re)use of data and IoT solutions and orchestrate them into new disruptive services.




Article 5

IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things News

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IEEE 6th World Forum on Internet of Things
5-8 April 2020
New Orleans, Louisiana
Theme: Internet of Intelligent Things


Article 5

Upcoming IEEE IoT Initiative Activities

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This Month's Contributors

Jeffrey S. Katz is a Senior Member of the IEEE. He is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology and the IBM Industry Academy.

Dalton Oliveira is an Electronics Engineer working as a Global Digital Transformation Consultant, Mentor, Speaker (application, product, project, process, engineering) at Wardston Consulting.

Georgios Mylonas is a senior researcher at Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus”, Patras, Greece.

Federica Paganelli received the Ph.D. degree in telematics and information society from the University of Florence, Florence, Italy, in 2004.

Pavlos Koulouris received his degree in Greek Literature and Linguistics from the University of Athens, Greece.

Jörg Hofstätter is the founder and managing partner of ovos, a digital design agency in Vienna.

Helen C. (Nelly) Leligou is currently an assistant professor of the Dept. of Industrial Design and Production Engineering of the University of West Attica.

Riccardo Petrolo is currently R&D Engineer at Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe Rome, Italy.

Teresa Macchia is Design Researcher in Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe.


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