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To really understand the Internet of Things (IoT) requires application, implementation, and execution in the real world. IEEE IoT recently launched a program to provide the IoT community an interactive platform on which to engage with use cases, service descriptions, business models, and reference implementations that will be key to developing a vibrant IoT industry. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to contribute to the IoT cause, as well as get excellent exposure for your projects and ideas.

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Emergency response corridor

ICT CityPulse
Transport, environment, public

Working at the emergency room, emergency staff often has to take incoming alarm messages from different mobile sensor applications. In one instance an alarm is triggered on a screen accompanied by the sound of a siren, informing the staff about a car accident in the city center. The collision detectors of the two cars involved were immediately activated when the accident happened, and their GPS location was automatically sent to the hospital. This allows for much quicker ambulance dispatch to the scene of an accident, and also helps the staffs at emergency rooms prepare more easily for incoming victims.

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