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To really understand the Internet of Things (IoT) requires application, implementation, and execution in the real world. IEEE IoT recently launched a program to provide the IoT community an interactive platform on which to engage with use cases, service descriptions, business models, and reference implementations that will be key to developing a vibrant IoT industry. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to contribute to the IoT cause, as well as get excellent exposure for your projects and ideas.

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Real time 3D maps

ICT CityPulse

Now that Aarhus is producing real time data in every corner of the city, and the open data platform facilitates the possibility of tapping into this data, the SME (Small and medium enterprises) "Real time liberators" has created a broad service for citizens, journalists, the municipality and other SME's. The service is a real time 3D map of Aarhus, where it's possible to tick data sources on and off. This means that you can tick power consumption on, and immediately 3D bars will rise from the ground at specific locations. The bars are dynamically moving up and down according to measurements in the surrounding areas. Furthermore, you can tick on public transportation, and suddenly small busses will move around on the streets between the buildings. All this is accessible through a web browser and can therefore be seen on any device imaginable. This service is the real life, real time version of SimCity.

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