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Smart elderly care system

ICT CityPulse

Caroline works for the home care in Aarhus Municipality. Every day she drives the same route to the elderly and provides home care. The municipal Health and Care Department has just implemented a Smart Elderly Care System, which gives Caroline the opportunity to change the routes of the day according to the needs of the elderly. At each home of the elderly several sensors are installed, for example sensors on light switches and water taps. In that way the Health and Care Department is able to see if for example Mrs. Jensen has been at the toilet several times during the night or if she hasn't turned on any light in 24 hours. Given the first example of data they can assume that Mrs. Jensen has some bladder problems and react on that. Given the last example they can assume that something is very wrong with Mrs. Jensen and therefore change the route so e.g. Caroline drives by Mrs. Jensen immediately. From the city's point of view the Smart Elderly Care System could help them provide better elderly care and plan better. From the citizen's point of view the system can provide security and safety - also for the relatives of the elderly.

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