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To really understand the Internet of Things (IoT) requires application, implementation, and execution in the real world. IEEE IoT recently launched a program to provide the IoT community an interactive platform on which to engage with use cases, service descriptions, business models, and reference implementations that will be key to developing a vibrant IoT industry. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to contribute to the IoT cause, as well as get excellent exposure for your projects and ideas.

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Chronic disease

ICT CityPulse

Charles has been suffering of hyperglycemia for a long time, so his health status is monitored by several sensors including body temperature, pulse, and blood sugar sensors. Since he still wants to enjoy good food and other pleasures in life, his wireless sensor network solution monitors his food consumption when he is food shopping as well as dining out. Thanks to the globalization of Radio Frequency Identification in food retailing and delivery, his mobile phone is able to evaluate the sugar level of all the food Charles eats.

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