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 IEEE IoT Webinar: Panel: Startups and Investors in the Internet of Things - 29 October 2015

Oleg LogvinovPresenter: Oleg Logvinov
Chair, IEEE P2413 Standard for an Architectural Framework for the Internet of Things Working Group

The Internet of Things will benefit from new technologies and applications at every level, from complex, embedded systems to those consumers directly interact with in everyday life. The IEEE Standards Association and IEEE Internet of Things Initiative are fostering this environment of innovation with a series of IoT Startup events. In this webinar, hear from startup companies that exemplify new approaches and technologies in IoT markets. Webinar presenters include esteemed panelists from IoT-related fields who provided their invaluable insights on startups.

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IEEE IoT Webinar: The Internet of Things, Architecture and Standards - 6 August 2015

Oleg LogvinovPresenter: Oleg Logvinov
Chair, IEEE P2413 Working Group, IEEE IoT; Director of Special Assignments, STMicroelectronics

This webinar by IEEE IoT expert Oleg Logvinov discusses IEEE P2413 - Standard for an Architectural Framework for the Internet of Things - and the key elements that provide a path to develop Quadruple Trust, to managing both information and access to it. He also discusses how IEEE P2413 will help minimize industry and vertical market fragmentation, ease implementation of cross-domain applications, and ensure that IoT achieves critical mass on a global scale.

The presentation includes a panel discussion with a distinguished group of IEEE IoT experts, including:

  1. Chuck Adams, Distinguished Standards Strategist, Huawei Technologies
  2. Gary Stuebing, Chief Technology and Architecture Office, Cisco Systems
  3. Ludwig Winkel, Fieldbus Standards Manager, Siemens AG
  4. Viacheslav (Slava) Zolotnikov, R&D Industrial Control Systems Security, Kaspersky Lab

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IEEE IoT Webinar: The Internet of Things: Why Now and What's Next? - 15 July 2015

Peter CorcoranPresenter: Peter Corcoran
Statutory Lecturer at National University of Ireland, Galway; Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine

The technology to connect 'things' to the Internet has existed for more than 20 years, so if we take a look back at recent history we might well be tempted to ask the question why now? In this webinar we examine the origins of the Internet of Things, answer the question "Why Now?", and look forward to the next wave of disruptive technologies that will be coming to a device near you in the next few years.

Peter Corcoran originally worked on connecting Home Network devices to the Internet in the mid-1990's and gave a tutorial on this topic to delegates at the IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) back in 2002. With two decades of experience in connecting things to the Internet he is uniquely qualified to answer the questions of "Why Now?" and "What’s Next?"

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IEEE SDN Webinar: The Coming Age of Softwarization - Socio-economic impact of SDN, NFV, Cloud as Drivers for Growth - 8 June 2015

Antonio ManzaliniPresenter: Antonio Manzalini
IEEE Member and Co-Chair of the IEEE SDN Initiative, and Senior Manager, Strategy and Innovation / Future Centre of Telecom Italia

There is a shift occurring in the character of Telecommunications and Internet Communications Industry. Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are paradigms that are not just impacting telecom providers, technology vendors and other players of the related ecosystems. In fact, coupled with Cloud, Edge and Fog Computing, SDN and NFV are expressions of the "softwarization" trend, which is opening a new value-chain for a variety of industries, including government, pharmaceutical, and agriculture.

As innovation remains a driver for growth, it is important to advance research and development activities that bring "softwarization" to important and practical applications. This webinar delves into the vital insights being made to accelerate innovation and economic growth for the entire Internet communications industry, and its related ecosystems.

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IEEE Smart Grid Webinar: Smart Cities - How we will integrate the Smart Grid, Smart Transportation, Internet of Things with Smart People - 21 May 2015

Lee StognerPresenter: Lee Stogner
President of the Vincula Group; Member, IEEE Internet of Things Initiative

The world's population is expected to double by 2050. Half of this population is projected to live in cities. With this growth and Urbanization, will come challenges. The IEEE is making a special effort through its Smart Cities Initiative to work with target municipalities in managing this transition to urbanization. This would include raising awareness of the benefits and downsides of technology and help guide the appropriate uses of technology. While this opens up significant opportunities in economic growth, it also creates many challenges to be addressed including, population explosion, high cost of living, increased crime rates, massive investment in infrastructure, and more.

One approach being pursued in many parts of the world is to increase the awareness of the urban environment and to enhance the interaction with its inhabitants. This is typically characterized as the evolution towards Smart Cities. "Smart Cities" includes such things as, smart buildings, smart transportation, smart grid / smart energy, smart communications, and smart networks.

This presentation discusses how the integration of technologies that were developed from across other IEEE Initiatives will come together under the Smart Cities Initiative to provide awareness, answers and action to ensure that cities develop the Smart People that can utilize all of the technologies that will be needed.

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IEEE IoT Webinar: Digital Storage and Security in the Consumer Internet of Things - 18 May 2015

Tom CoughlinPresenter: Tom Coughlin
Senior Member, IEEE; Chair, Future Directions, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society; President, Coughlin Associates, Inc.

As the things we use in our everyday lives become smarter and connected, these devices can provide important services, but at the same time they expose our personal data to risks of exposure and exploitation. Where and how this data is stored and analyzed and how this data is shared with the outside world will be important characteristics in determining how private our personal data will be. This concern with privacy of data may lead to local processing and storage of content and the sharing of this content as anonymous data to larger storage aggregators. By controlling access to identifiable data, big data analytics can be applied to consumer data while preserving privacy.

This talk looks at trends in digital storage technology and its use in consumer Internet of Things applications and how an anonymous content sharing network can be implemented to enable on-line applications while preserving privacy.

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IEEE IoT Webinar: Artificial Intelligence with the Internet of Things in our Lives: The Present With an Outlook on our Future - 15 April 2015

William LumpkinsPresenter: William Lumpkins
IEEE Sensors Council Standards Chair

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its way into homes, offices, streets and onto your person through the Internet of Things (IoT). This is happening now to some extent, but if you think your smart devices are indeed smart now, just wait. AI is the answer to the question of what to do with the mind-bending amounts of Big Data generated by the IoT. What are the small and transformative future benefits of AI-enhanced IoT? What are the security and privacy risks and can they be addressed? Can AI + IoT be controlled?

This webinar by William Lumpkins, IEEE Sensors Council Standards Chair and Senior Systems Engineer, takes on the current and future landscape and developments of the IoT with AI inside.

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IEEE Smart Grid Webinar: Electric Vehicles, the Smart Grid and the Internet of Things - How Everything will be Integrated in the Smart City of Tomorrow - 26 February 2015

Lee StognerPresenter: Lee Stogner
President of the Vincula Group; Member, IEEE Internet of Things Initiative

As a follow-up to his November 2014 presentation, "Electric Vehicles and the Smart Grid," IEEE Internet of Things Expert Lee Stogner continues the discussion with an introduction to the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is the perfect storm of advanced sensors, real time networks and massive data centers. Add to this combination of technology, new software applications that can process vast amounts of information at a cost not available just a few years ago. All of this will give government, industry and consumers the power to solve problems and create new clean industries.

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IEEE IoT Webinar: Softwarization and the Disappearing Internet of Things - 25 February 2015

Antonio ManzaliniPresenter: Antonio Manzalini
Senior Manager, Innovation, Telecom Italia; Chair of the IEEE Software Defined Networks Initiative

In the future, the border between the network and what is connected to the network will gradually disappear: more and more powerful users' terminals, devices, machines, smart things will become like networks nodes, storing data locally and even executing network functionalities and service components.

In this webinar, IEEE Internet of Things expert Antonio Manzalini explains how "Softwarization" at the edge and the Internet of Things will merge in a sort of virtual continuum of resources, a pervasive "fabric" spanning from users' terminals, devices, machines, smart things, to the network nodes, up to the cloud computing. This "fabric" will be so embedded into our daily life that it will "disappear".

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Slides from Antonio's presentation are also available for download (PDF, 3 MB).


IEEE Smart Grid Webinar: Smarter Citizens for Smarter Cities - 2 February 2015

Roberto Saracco Presenter: Roberto Saracco
EIT ICT Labs Italy Node Director; IEEE Future Directions Committee Chair

In this webinar, Roberto Saracco presents how the use of ICT can dramatically change the relation city-citizens and create new evolution paths, which, in turn, requires the cities and citizens to face new issues, including technical ones, like data openness, sharing, ownership, privacy and security.

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Slides from Roberto's presentation are also available for download (PDF, 4 MB).


IEEE IoT Webinar: Technology, Business & Societal Challenges of IoT - 17 December 2014

Roberto Minerva Presenter: Roberto Minerva
Head of Innovative Architectures within the Future Centre in the Strategy Department, Telecom Italia

In this webinar, Roberto Minerva discusses the technological, business, and societal challenges in moving into an Internet of Things that envisions a self-configuring and adaptive, complex system of networks of sensors and smart objects, the purpose of which is to interconnect "all" things, including everyday and industrial objects, in such a way as to make them intelligent, programmable, and more capable of interacting with humans.

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IEEE IoT Webinar: Orchestrating the Smarter Planet in the World of IoT - 29 October 2014

Chung Sheng Li Presenter: Dr. Chung-Sheng Li
Director of commercial systems at IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center; IEEE Fellow

This webinar by IoT expert Dr. Chung-Sheng Li addresses the evolution of the IoT. Dr Li describes the opportunities and challenges after applying intelligence in interconnected and instrumented worlds and calls out the system-of-systems trends in interconnecting these distinct but interdependent worlds. Interconnecting distinct physical, people, and business worlds through ubiquitous instrumentation, though still in its embryonic stage, has the potential to unleash a planet that is much greener, more efficient, more comfortable, and safer. Important topics addressed in Dr. Li's presentation include:

  • Landscape and requirements for smarter planet systems
  • Case studies of orchestrating the smarter planet - smart grid, smarter city, surveillance
  • Key technologies

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IEEE Smart Grid Webinar: The Nexus of the Smart Grid and the Internet of Things - 10 July 2014

Steve CollierPresenter: Steve Collier
Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Milsoft Utility Solutions

If you didn't get a chance to attend Steve Collier's Smart Grid and IoT webinar, you can still view it on demand.

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