IEEE WF-IoT Session: Sensor Dispatching Methods for Gathering Data in Rechargeable Wireless Mobile Sensor Networks

Shih-Chang Huang, National Formosa University, Taiwan; Hong-Yi Chang, National Chiayi University, Taiwan; Jen-Yi Pan, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan

This session discusses two methods for dispatching sensors to gather data in the rechargeable wireless mobile sensor networks. Sensors are random deployed and move to the anchoring locations for gathering data. Sensors can restore their energy at the recharging dock. In the first method, each anchoring location is assigned at least one sensor. The random deployed sensors move to them. One sensor monitors the environment, and the others become the backup sensors. The backup sensors replace the active one when its energy exhausts so that the monitoring task can be continued. In the second method, the sensor's mobile ability is utilized. All backup sensors are collected in the recharging docks. When a sensor in an anchoring location runs out of energy, one of the sensors in the recharging dock will move to replace it. The simulation results show that utilizing the mobile ability for dispatching high-energy sensors to replace the low-energy ones can prolong the network operation and save more remaining covered grids after time passes.



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