IEEE WF-IoT Session: An Integrated Device and Service Discovery with UPnP and ONS to Facilitate the Composition of Smart Home Applications

Jin Mitsugi (Keio University, Japan); Yuki Sato (Keio University, Japan); Miyuki Ozawa (Keio University, Japan); Shigeya Suzuki (Keio University, Japan)

This session proposes a device and capability discovery protocol with integrated Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and Object Naming Service (ONS). The protocol automatically establishes a list of available devices -- sensors, actuators and electronic apparatus -- in our home. Since each device is identified with a globally unique Electronic Product Code (EPC) in the protocol, the capability of discovered device can be obtained through ONS without implementing a complex capability description exchange protocol in the device. The up-to-dated list of all the available devices facilitates the compositions of smart home applications. This paper overviews the device and capability discovery protocol. Illustrative smart home applications in our campus enabled by the proposed protocol are also reported.



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