IEEE WF-IoT Session: User-centric Service Environment for Context Aware Service Mash-up

Hoan Suk Choi, Hanbat National University, Korea; Jun-Young Lee, Hanbat National University, Korea; Na-Ri Yang, Hanbat National University, Korea; Woo-Seop Rhee, Hanbat National University, Korea

The existing service mash-up environment enables user to create context aware services. It is able to build services by recombining ready-made building blocks and connection operations. But a non-technical user is difficult to create context aware service. Because, they don't know principles of service offering (e.g., service platform architecture, concept of ontology, criteria of context, required sensor type and etc.) To solve this problem, we propose the user-centric service environment. It consists of service mash-up process and the web-based service composition user interface. The user can create target context aware service through easily step-by-step progress. Also, we propose the ontology based semantic sensor data processing. It removes heterogeneity of sensor data and processes the object data to the context information.



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