IEEE WF-IoT Session: Novel Sampling Algorithm for Levy-Walk Based Mobile Phone Sensing

Thejaswini M, IIT Hyderabad, India; Pachamuthu Rajalakshmi, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India; Uday B Desai, IIT Hyderabad, India

Mobile phones or smart phones equipped with different communication technologies and sensors have become pervasive application development platform for opportunistic and human-centric sensing. Optimization of battery energy consumption and opportunistic sensing coverage are important issues under mobile phone sensing. This paper proposes a simple sampling algorithm based on human-walk velocity for mobile phone sensing. We analyze the impact of human-walk velocity on battery energy consumption and spatial coverage for mobile phone sensing by considering general regular sampling of sensors and proposed sampling method. When Levy walk mobility parameter = 1, the proposed sampling algorithm shows better performance in terms of both spatial coverage and reduction of battery energy consumption for mobile phone sensing activity.



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