IEEE WF-IoT Session: Analytical Model of Adaptive CSMA-CA MAC for Reliable and Timely Clustered Wireless Multi-hop Communication

Rajavaraprasad Yerra, IIT Hyderabad & Mhrd, India; Pachamuthu Rajalakshmi, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India

Reliability and delay of a single cluster wireless network is well analyzed in the literature. Multi-hop communication over the number of clusters is essential to scale the network. Analytical model for reliability and end-to-end delay optimization for multi-hop clustered network is presented in this paper. Proposed model is a three dimensional markov chain. Three dimensions of markov model are the adaptable mac parameters of CSMA/CA. Model assumes wakeup rates for each cluster. Results show that reliability and delay are significantly improved than previous analytical models proposed. It has been observed that overall reliability of multi-hop link is improved, with reduction in end-to- end delay is reduced even at lower wakeup rates of a cluster.



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