IEEE WF-IoT Session: An Empirical Path Loss Model for Wireless Sensor Network Deployment in a Sand Terrain Environment

Abdulaziz Alsayyar, (Florida Institute of Technology, USA; Ivica N. Kostanic, Florida Institute of Technology, USA; Carlos Otero, Florida Institute of Technology, USA; Mohammed Almeer, Florida Institute of Technology, USA; Kusay Rukieh, Florida Institute of Technology, USA

This session presents a WSN model for predicting signal propagation in terrains characterized by sandy surfaces. To create the model, RF measurements were collected through wireless sensor nodes deployed in a sand terrain environment. From the actual measurements, the parameters of the log-normal shadowing model are fine-tuned to develop an accurate path loss model of WSN deployment in sand terrain environments. In addition, the presented RF measurements and empirical path loss model are compared with measurements and models obtained from long-grass and sparse-tree environments, which were presented in a previous work. The results from the comparison of such different terrains show differences in path loss and empirical models' parameters. Such dissimilarity is due to the differences that exist in the wireless channel of each environment. This observation reveals the significance of the in-field studies and the examination of RF propagation for various WSN potential outdoor deployment scenarios. Furthermore, the proposed model is also compared with Free Space Path Loss (FSPL) and Two-Ray models to demonstrate the inaccuracy of these theoretical models in predicting path loss between wireless sensor nodes deployed in a sand terrain environment.



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