IEEE WF-IoT Session: A Cost Effective and Sustainable Relief Material Supply Visibility System for Devastated Areas

Shigeya Suzuki, Keio University, Japan; Yuki Sato, Keio University, Japan; Takehiro Yokoishi, Keio University, Japan; Jin Mitsugi, Keio University, Japan

This session explores a cost effective and sustainable relief material visibility system. In an evacuation site such as the one prepared on a disastrous event such as the Tohoku earthquake, we have observed three issues on relief goods supply management: discrepancy between demands and supplies, difficulty of sorting and picking of relief material, and storage strategy to maintain optimal capacity and delivery time. To ease these issues, we developed a system, which supports fulfillment by product category. Also, we implemented the system as a "evacuee support mode" of a traceability system to share both software and hardware assets. By deploying as a dual-mode system, the system can be cost-effective and sustainable. We have developed a prototype system alongside with an agricultural e-commerce system with traceability support. We experimented the prototype at a disaster drill session to see effectiveness of the design.



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