IEEE WF-IoT Session: Developing a NovaGenesis Architecture Model for Service Oriented Future Internet and IoT

Antonio M Alberti, National Institute of Telecommunications, Brazil; Dhananjay Singh, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea

We are designing a NovaGenesis Architecture Model to support Future Internet services, which are going to address some fundamental issues of the Internet of Things, such as address resolution, mobility, routing, scalability, security, and network control. The aim is to support trillion of things connect to the Internet. In NovaGenesis, we have presented a set of distributed systems where any information processing is seen as service. Services organize themselves based on names and agreements to meet semantics rich goals, policies, regulations, etc. Even networking functionalities are considered as services. Every existence could have one or more names: natural language names or self-certifying names. All the communication, processing, and storage are name-oriented. The protocol stacks are built on-demand in a contract-based way. Hence, we can state that Nova-Genesis architecture could be an alternative solution for cur-rent internet-oriented innovations in a scalable manner. The aim of this architecture is the coverage of Internet and sensors oriented smart objects. The paper discusses the proposed model in the context of an Advanced Rural Transportation System.



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