IEEE WF-IoT Session: When Devices Become Collaborative Supporting Device Interoperability and Behavior Reconfiguration Across Emergency Management Scenario

Mihaela Brut, Theresis, Thales Services S.A., France; Patrick Gatellier, Theresis, Thales Services S.A., France; Ismail Salhi, Université Paris-Est, France; Sylvain Cherrier, Université Paris-Est, France; Yacine Ghamri-Doudane, University of la Rochelle, France; David Excoffier, Sogeti High Tech, France; Nicolas Dumont, Thales Communications and Security, France; Mario Lopez Ramos, Thales Communications and Security, France

Emergency management is a highly critical domain where the information transmission in real-time to the appropriate stakeholders is essential. Based on the results of the "Web of Objects" ITEA 2 project, this paper presents an IoT-based devices collaboration solution across an emergency management workflow, where the exchanged messages are semantically enriched. This solution includes innovative strategies for addressing the three involved issues: ensuring the device management into an interoperable manner and based on a suitable distributed architecture; setting up different workflows for device collaboration while ensuring their autonomy; establishing a suitable format for exchanged data between devices.



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