IEEE WF-IoT Keynote: Paving the way for the Pervasive Internet of Things

Kyungwhoon Cheun, Senior Vice President, Samsung Electronics DMC R&D Center

The advent of low-cost, low profile electronic components is rendering more objects around us to gain intelligence and the ability to communicate via the Internet, hence the Internet of Things (IoT). Business analysts estimate that up to a trillion devices will be equipped with connectivity by 2020, contributing to IoT market potential in the range of tens of trillion of dollars. Meanwhile, Samsung has been driving the IoT revolution through innovations in key components such as CPU, flash, and wireless network equipment for LTE and Wi-Fi. Moreover, Samsung remains one of the leading providers for devices such as Smartphones, Smart TVs, and Wearables, which collectively represent a significant portion of the "Things". For vertical market solutions, Samsung is actively involved across a wide spectrum of topics such as Smart home, Connected cars, Connected health, Digital signage, and Smart retail. In this talk, we will first assess the current IoT technology, identify key issues and challenges and conclude by illustrating the future R&D direction.



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