Selected Articles from IEEE Xplore - September 2016

Introduction by Jianqing Zhang, VMware Inc.

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects everyone with everything anywhere and at anytime. It fills the gap between the physical world and the cyber world, and will significantly change people's lives. At the same time, IoT applications have to address the same security problems in the cyber world with new challenges which are brought on by IoT itself. A common pitfall in IoT security practices is to “naively” leverage classic security mechanisms without systematic analysis or evaluation. Such methodology usually fails to address the system constraints, real-time requirements, practical economic models, etc. in IoT applications. Therefore, it cannot achieve the goal of protecting IoT assets. On the other hand, being an ecosystem, IoT does not stand alone. For example, smart phones, the de facto hub or gateway of IoT devices, play a key role in connecting smart devices. Smart phone apps form a platform and ecosystem of IoT applications like the Smart Home. Mobile computing, or smart phone technology, is one of the pillars of IoT in most cases. The study and analysis of security of the ecosystems will present us with an opportunity to re-visit our mindset or paradigm of IoT security. In general, although security may not turn out to be a real obstacle in the adoption of IoT, it will have wider and deeper impact on us because it will be immersed into our lives. We need consider IoT security problems from a perspective of IoT.


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