Selected Articles from IEEE Xplore - May 2016

Introduction by Hendrik Berndt, IEEE IoT Initiative Scenarios Track Chair

The impact of IoT on economic growth can hardly be overestimated. Billions of objects stand ready to interconnect, and developers are creating smart service platforms to improve efficiency and enhance variety of service offerings for vertical industries and societal sectors alike. There is value in investigating economics of IoT, outlining pricing strategies for profit and showing examples of a viable business ecosystem. By describing business models that include the needs from several parties and provide value on both the supply side and the demand side, such examples help to create a solid base to progress towards realization and implementation of a vibrant IoT industry. The following papers give insight through an illustrative seeding case revolving around real-world vehicle traffic concepts and the corresponding required multi-sided business model, look at a pricing strategy and payoff for IoT service providers, advertisers and the corresponding demands of end users for different interaction models, and lastly suggest a research direction for analyzing the impact of IoT on economic growth via multifactor productivity.


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