Selected Articles from IEEE Xplore - May 2015

Introduction by Prof. Luigi Atzori, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Department DIEE, University of Cagliari, Italy

The Internet of Things (IoT) poses completely new challenges when compared to the traditional Internet which cannot be faced if the involved objects are just traditional "smart" objects. In fact, the extremely high complexity (huge number of nodes, extreme heterogeneity of their resources and capabilities, uncertainty on their trustworthiness, etc.) of the IoT environment cannot be faced by even very smart objects singularly. Social behavior is the answer found by several creatures to face the complexity of the surrounding environment. Accordingly, the concept of Social Internet of Things (SIoT) has been recently introduced and is the subject of a rapidly increasing research effort. The main objective is giving social-like capabilities to the objects in the Internet of Things and design conceptual (and software) platforms, which can be exploited to easily develop and implement complex applications that require direct interactions among objects.

This month, we selected three IEEE Xplore articles which explore the development and deployment of IoT from a perspective of the Social Internet of Things (SIoT):


IEEE Xplore References

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