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Introduction by Kazunori Iwasa, Manager of Software Integration Planning Department, Service Platform Strategy & Planning Office, Fujitsu Limited, Japan

There are various approaches to integrate IoT components (e.g., devices/sensors, gateway/edge devices, network/internet, cloud infrastructure, analytics, and business applications) to build an IoT system.

Although each of the component technologies are not new, how to integrate these technologies in an IoT system is still in its early phase, and various approaches are being introduced. However, the integration in IoT systems is sometimes not easy because it requires different skill sets. Typically someone from Operational Technologies (OT) who has specialized in an industry and has vertical expertise, and others from Information Technologies (IT) who understand horizontal technologies and can treat a large amount of data efficiency are required. The importance of security is very different between OT and IT. It is common that industrial machines are located in a physically secured place with a physically closed network, thus data transportation can be physically secured. On the other hand it is common to use the Internet in IT systems where security can be a risk. A simple integration of OT and IT networks and systems can create a huge security risk. These are just some examples of the difficulties to integrate OT and IT in IoT systems, and there are a lot more difficulties as well.

Here are three approaches to resolve some of the difficulties to build IoT systems. Each of these new approaches has a potential to remove some barrier to build an IoT system. I hope these articles give you a hint at some new approaches to resolve difficulties in building IoT systems.


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