Selected Articles from IEEE Xplore - July 2015

Introduction by Oleg Logvinov, Chair IEEE Internet Initiative, Chair IEEE P2413 WG, and STMicroelectronics Director of Special Assignments, New Jersey

Fulfilling the enormous promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) requires the seamless exchange of information between and among a multitude of "Things" that likely had not previously had to communicate with each other. Enabling these exchanges is a substantial challenge and its vast potential has naturally unleashed the creativity and genius of teams from around the world to understand and overcome the obstacles. Not surprisingly-to me, at least-we are making very good progress, though we still have a long way still to go before any Thing can talk to any other Thing. While the likelihood of defining a universal interface for all things is as unlikely as mankind settling on one universal language that would enable any of us to communicate with anyone else, in the world of Things, we are clearly making very good progress in creating this new horizontal platform cutting across multiple domains. Many of these trends and developments find their reflection in the work of the IEEE P2413 "Standard for an Architectural Framework for the IoT" project.


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