Selected Articles from IEEE Xplore - December 2015

Introduction by Dr. David Belanger, Senior Research Fellow, Stevens Institute of Technology

By now it is widely accepted that the ecosystem which is built around the Internet of Things and Big Data will, over the next few years, produce dramatic advancements in our ability to understand and control our world. IoT and big data are inextricably mixed, and architectures must evolve to simultaneously meet the combined needs of both, including the entire data lifecycle. There is already a great deal of technology available for networking and for managing big data, both as open source and among proprietary products. This has allowed many more enterprises to take advantage of their data, as well as the fast increasing resource provided by Open Data. However, there are still evolving details of the architectures which will: allow large, independent wireless sensor networks to be efficiently managed and operated; ensure that the data thrown off by these networks is reliable and widely available for analysis; and for which control signals can be reliably returned where the sensors are active. These issues are still a matter of active research.

Increasingly data from sensor networks is managed and analyzed as data streams, in real time, before they enter a data base system. As volume and velocity increase, analysis will have to be done both at the network edge, and centrally. Wireless sensor networks will have a variety of architectures ranging from ad-hoc to very structured, and many will ride atop existing networks such as the 3/4/5G as attachments to smart phones. All of these require that the architectures of the WSNs allow for operations of the individual networks and the internetworks, to ensure that they are reliable, secure, and that the life-cycle of their data is complete.


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