Selected Articles from IEEE Xplore - December 2014

Many examples of IoT improving lives are found in Smart Cities, e.g., ensuring structural health of buildings, managing waste, monitoring air quality, monitoring noise, reducing traffic congestion, minimizing energy consumption, and improving parking.

These improvements will become increasingly important, as 70% of the world's population will live in cities by 2050. Challenges to realizing Smart Cities include:

1) The need to integrate a large number of heterogeneous components, which have their own specific functions, into a complete system.

2) The need to collect required data, communicating the data, and analyzing the data.

3) The need to embrace heterogeneity of connected objects, ensure resilience, and minimize user intervention.

This month, we selected IEEE Xplore articles that address the above challenges through case studies on Padova Smart City, Italy and the City of Melbourne, Australia:

1. "Internet of Things for Smart Cities" by A. Zanella et al describes an IoT system architecture for Smart Cities, and analyzes solutions available for the implementation of urban IoTs.

2. "An Information Framework for Creating a Smart City through Internet of Things" by J. Jin et al. focuses on the network architecture for IoT system architecture for Smart Cities.

3. "Enabling Smart Cities through a Cognitive Management Framework for the Internet of Things" by P. Vlacheas et al. presents a cognitive management framework that embraces heterogeneity of connected objects, ensures resilience, and minimizes user intervention.

We hope you enjoy reading these articles showcasing where researchers around the world are building technologies to improve lives in cities.


IEEE Xplore References

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