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Introduction by Vincenzo Piuri, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

IoT may be a pervasive technology, able to collect a humungous amount of data from the environment. Extracting information from data is a challenging task that needs to focus on the specific needs of the envisioned applications, possibly reusing data streams for multiple applications. Making information a usable knowledge is extremely important for better understanding the environment in which we live, making the appropriate decisions, and taking the appropriate actions. Presenting the available information in an appropriate way to users, especially to non-experts, is very critical to ensure that good understanding is achieved and, therefore, that delivered information is useful and effective.

Augmented reality is an emerging approach for visual information presentation and human-machine interaction. Integrating IoT infrastructures with augmented reality presentation is an innovative concept that can empower people to dynamically capture information and knowledge from the physical environment, navigate with dynamically flowing information about the environment itself, better understand the environment, and dynamically take more informed actions.

The first paper introduces the concept of using augmented reality as a front end to present information of interest to the user and dynamically extracted from the environment by exploiting a pervasive underlying IoT infrastructure. Software modeling based on mobile agents allows for dynamically connecting the augmented-reality application to the available IoT resources, thus providing the suited information flow.

The second paper presents an educational application to stimulate natural environment awareness and preservation among citizens.

The third paper shows another educational/information application for real-time translation of human languages from text captured in images in augmented reality infrastructures, as a complementary source of information in an IoT-based environment.


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