Selected Articles from IEEE Xplore - August 2015

Introduction by Rudi Schubert, IEEE Standards Association

Augmented Reality systems and devices are rapidly moving from the realm of fringe adoption to widespread acceptance in industrial and consumer markets. New applications and technology enhancements have successfully captured the attention of entities that are now considering augmented reality tools for uses ranging from manufacturing floor job aids to worker training. Consumer interests are expanding beyond gaming to applications that enhance their real-time view of the world including the ways they shop, enjoy entertainment, and design their homes. Widely recognized large companies are now joining the ranks of start-ups and academia to explore the opportunities and enhancements that augmented reality can deliver to the platforms we use in our daily interactions and communications. The intersection between augmented reality solutions and internet of things initiatives is an additional intriguing factor connecting people with the growing base of connected devices.

Despite its recent strides augmented reality is still at an early stage with much potential to fundamentally change our connection to the physical world. The articles presented in this issue provide a number of perspectives on these themes which should see substantial growth of attention as research and product development in augmented reality accelerates in the very near future.


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