Selected Articles from IEEE Xplore - April 2015

Introduction by Luca Mottola, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Creation of IoT software that is simultaneously efficient, dependable, and flexible is challenging established software architectures and development practices. As a matter of fact, the IoT pictures a distributed computing scenario largely unseen before: the sheer number of computing units, the resource scarcity of the embedded devices deployed within the physical world, the need to integrate them into larger computing infrastructures, and the demand for decentralized control loops render existing approaches hardly applicable. Both proprietary solutions and open standards emerged as a response to this situation, and yet many critical problems remain open, while the current practice is still largely dominated by a trial-and-error approach. As a result, increasingly larger efforts have gone into improving the state of the art in developing IoT software, both from academia and industry.

This month, we selected IEEE Xplore articles which explore the development and deployment of IoT software:


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