IEEE IoT Newsletter - July 2021

Article 1

Wireless Time-Sensitive Networking (WTSN)

Dave Cavalcanti

Time is a precious and scarce resource not only to people, but also to most machines, computers, and IoT devices. Precise time and computing/communications with strictly bounded, usually, low latency are the foundations for emerging IoT applications and new user experiences. Future flexible factories, mobile and collaborative robots, autonomous systems, and virtual/immersive reality are a few examples of the next wave of applications that rely on accurate time and bounded (low) latency computing and communications.


Article 2

Practical Artificial Intelligence for the IoT

Danilo Pietro Pau

This article proposes a practical methodology and associated tools for next-generation IoT developers who aim to productively conceive and deploy IoT applications with interoperable artificial neural networks (ANN) into resource-constrained microcontrollers (MCU).


Article 3IoT and 5G Convergence

Ahmed Banafa

The convergence of 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) is the next natural move for two advanced technologies built to make users' lives convenient, easier, and more productive. But before talking about how they will unite we need to understand each of the two technologies.


Article 4Global IoT Spending in the COVID-19 Era

Philipp Wegner

Key Insights: i) overall enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) spending grew 12.1% in 2020 to $128.9 billion; ii) Asia-Pacific (APAC) saw the fastest growth (17%), followed by North America (14.9%) and Europe (9.7%); iii) 2021 IoT spending for enterprises is expected to grow 24% in 2021, led by investments in IoT software and IoT security; iv) Beyond 2021, it is expected that IoT spending will grow at 26.7% annually.




Article 5

IEEE Internet of Things Initiative - Upcoming Events

The IEEE WF-IoT 2021 concludes with a very exciting 6-day program focused on Entrepreneurship beginning on Monday, 26 July 2021. Presentations each day will start at 10:30am and end at 12:30pm US Eastern Time. Please join us, free of charge, for this amazing lineup of speakers and the important topics that they will address - how innovation, IoT, and the digital revolution are driving opportunities for entrepreneurs! More information!

Please join us for the monthly Webinar hosted by the IEEE IoT Initiative Activities Board. Victor Grimblatt, R&D Group Director and General Manager Synopsys, Chile will deliver a talk titled "How to Feed a Growing Population While Conserving the Planet - IoT to the Rescue" on 11 August 2021. Register now.

IEEE IoT Vertical and Topical Summit on Tourism
20-24 September 2021 // Virtual Event
More information!

IEEE International Conference on Omni-layer Intelligent Systems 2021 (IEEE COINS 2021)
23-25 August 2021 // Barcelona, Spain
IEEE COINS includes a multi-disciplinary program from technical research papers, to panels, workshops, and tutorials on the latest technology developments and innovations. IEEE COINS will address all important aspects of the IoT ecosystem from smart things to the circuit and system, design automation, Edge-Fog-Cloud computing, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, security, and smart products/services as well as business models. IEEE COINS solicits papers and proposals accompanying submissions for presentations in the Vertical and Topical Tracks. Please visit the website for more information.

Article 5

IEEE Internet of Things Magazine

Internet of Things Magazine logoThe IEEE Internet of Things Magazine solicits high quality articles that: a) describe in depth and/or breadth the state-of-the-art multi-disciplinary IoT-centric research and deployments, b) present groundbreaking novel practical contributions and insights into emerging IoT hot topics and futuristic applications, c) develop/share best practices, vision and lessons learned on integrated IoT environments, and d) establish guiding principles for the advancement of IoT-centered research as well as for the technical, operational and business successes.

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This Month's Contributors

Dave Cavalcanti received his Ph.D. in computer science and engineering in 2006 from the University of Cincinnati.

Danilo Pau graduated at Politecnico di Milano in 1992.

Ahmed Banafa has extensive experience in research, operations, and management, with a focus on IoT, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and AI.

Philipp Wegner is a senior analyst focusing on quantitative analysis, surveys, and market models.


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