Publications - 2015


IoT and the Cloud
ECN - December 2015

"A cloud-enabled IoT could provide a means to access, monitor and to some extent control one’s digital world, from the home area network to the larger world. It has implications for healthcare, education, transportation, personal finance – all the industry verticals served by today’s Internet."

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Autonomous, Driverless & Connected Cars: Where Are Smart IoT Cars Taking Us?
Computer Business Review - December 2015

While the first fully autonomous vehicles are predicted to hit the road between 2017 and 2022, there are still many technical, security, and safety challenges to overcome. Dr. Kevin Curran, Senior IEEE member, discusses the vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication network and vehicle mobile phone hardware which will be vulnerable to malware.

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‘The Connected Person’: IoT, Big Data, and the Cloud
CloudTech - December 2015

"The personalized cloud for individuals will be populated by devices, software and data that ultimately bring the world to one’s digital doorstep."

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Boost Your Home’s IQ With These Seven Gadgets
The Institute - December 2015

Ready to start building your smart home? These seven innovative gadgets are designed to make your life easier, lower your energy costs, and even entertain your cats.

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14 Ways IoT Will Change Big Data and Business Forever
InformationWeek - December 2015

The Internet of Things has gained momentum. Sensors are now small and cheap enough to embed in all kinds of devices, and more companies are leveraging the vast data generated. Here are some key drivers your company needs to remember as you jump into IoT.

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IEEE 802.11’s Role in Enabling the Internet of Things
ECN - December 2015

"With the remarkable ascension of the IEEE Standard 802.11 over its 25-year history and its influence on the always-on, always-connected lifestyle for countless people around the world, it’s fair to ask whether the standard has a role to play in the nascent Internet of Things (IoT). For those of us who work closely on continuing enhancements to the IEEE 802.11, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”"

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Running the Rule Over the Internet of Data
Financier Worldwide - December 2015

"Whilst the Internet of Things (IoT) is a now a familiar concept for many, less well-known is one of its progeny – the Internet of Data (IoD) – and the myriad issues it presents. First among these issues is the sheer volume of data generated by an ever increasing network of connected devices that collect and exchange information, and then, the opportunities this creates for business and, less welcomingly, for criminal skulduggery."

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Where Worldwide Collaboration for IoT Innovation Is Happening
IEEE Standards Insight Blog - November 2015

"There are many reasons that the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) is ideally suited for its role as a prime collaborative environment for the worldwide Internet of Things (IoT) movement. For one, IEEE expertise spans the established and emerging technology areas that enable the IoT, as well as its established presence in those vertical industries that are most impacted by the IoT. In addition, IEEE has a rich history of openly inviting stakeholders of any technology area, geographic market or size to participate in global collaboration in historic-scale innovation."

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Defining the Internet of Things: A Work in Progress
ECN - November 2015

In the latest IEEE IoT Brain Trust blog, Roberto Minerva and Domenico Rotondi discuss the interactive essay, "Towards a Definition of the Internet of Things (IoT)" and invite members of the IEEE IoT Technical Community to contribute to it and help shape the evolving definition of the IoT.

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Internet of Things Phenomenon
Electricity Today - November 2015

The article takes a comprehensive look at IoT as it relates to the utility industry, specifically highlighting IEEE P2413 and the IEEE Internet Initiative, as well as discussing IoT's ability to seamlessly integrate multiple platforms including the Smart Grid, Smart Home, Smart Building, Smart Car, Smart City and Smart Factory.

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Securing the Internet of Anything (IoA)
Computing Now - November 2015

As the rapid increase of IoT devices creates new attack surfaces, we need to immediately start addressing the new IoT environment reliability and security concerns, as well as safety and privacy issues. Computing Now's November 2015 theme presents three articles that discuss IoT security challenges and opportunities.

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Stretchable Antenna Boosts Range for Wearable Devices
IEEE Spectrum - October 2015

A new stretchy antenna can endure the bending and flexing of human body movements while steadily maintaining communications. Such an antenna could enable wearable devices to measure athletes' health and fitness data during workouts or allow office workers to leave their phones behind and still take calls while walking outside during lunch hour.

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“Conscious” Technologies Cut Home Network Energy
ECN - October 2015

"As connected devices multiply in the home, from set-top boxes, smartphones, and computers, to Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets and monitors, there’s concern that there will be a corresponding increase in overall energy used by these myriad network interfaces. Instead, these network interfaces are actually the key to reducing total energy in the household by consolidating resources and notifying when resources are needed or can be placed in a lower power state or turned off."

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Moving the Internet of Things Closer to Reality
The Institute - October 2015

A forum in Milan will explore its evolution and its potential impact from many points of view

"We’re entering the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) in which billions of devices will communicate with their users and each other to make the world work better—we hope. From 14 to 16 December, the second IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT) will gather about 350 industry leaders, academics, entrepreneurs, government policymakers, and students in Milan to move those hopes closer to reality. Seven IEEE societies are sponsoring the conference."

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Building a Better Tomorrow With IoT
IEEE Technical Community Spotlight - September 2015

According to Yen-Kuang (YK) Chen, “Internet of Things” may as well be called “Internet of Everything,” or, rather, “Internet of Everyone.” Chen, who has devoted much of his time to volunteering with IEEE Internet of Things, insists that one thing is at the heart of IoT’s potential success: collaboration.

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IoT Interoperability Requires Security
IEEE Standards Insight Blog - September 2015

"As Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives spin up around the globe, the race is on. And building from a foundation that isn’t going to require short-term retooling is critical for continued success of your effort."

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The Who's Who of Internet of Things Standards Bodies
Boundless Magazine - September 2015

Standardization efforts to advance the IoT are currently under way. This article outlines several notable IoT standards working groups and active projects, including IEEE P2413, Standard for an Architectural Framework for the Internet of Things.

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Low power wide area networking alternatives for the IoT
EDN Network - September 2015

This article covers a variety of disparate low-power, wide-area networking schemes addressing civic, industrial, and other IoT applications. A wide range of approaches and tradeoffs in battery life, data rate, operating frequency, achievable range, and scalability, as well as security, OSI levels defined, and roaming support make this a profile of individual approaches rather than a compare and contrast article.

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802.11ah: Wi-Fi protocol for IoT solves two M2M problems
TechRepublic - August 2015

Using existing communication protocols for IoT devices complicates M2M device deployment and increases costs. IEEE's new Wi-Fi protocol should eliminate both issues.

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ARM and IBM Make It Easy to Experiment With the Internet of Things
IEEE Spectrum - August 2015

To help developers get started experimenting with the IoT, IBM and ARM have introduced a starter kit consisting of a microcontroller and application shield that can be connected to the cloud for building and deploying apps for IoT devices.

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How IoT empowers dialogue on cybersecurity, privacy, and identity and access management
EnterpriseAppsTech - August 2015

"It is a counterintuitive challenge to begin with. The whole point of the Internet is to make information more accessible, but the prevailing question in cybersecurity, privacy and identity and access management (IAM) is how to build an effective framework of complementary technologies and policies for restricting who can access what information when and in what ways."

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Industrial Internet Consortium and IEEE Standards Association Collaborating Toward Comprehensive Framework for Interoperable Internet of Things (IoT)
IEEE Standards Association - August 2015

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) are collaborating toward development of a comprehensive architecture for an interoperable Internet of Things (IoT) around the world.

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Web-Based Management of the Internet of Things
IEEE Internet Computing - July/August 2015

The Internet of Things (IoT) system presented here seamlessly integrates virtual and physical worlds to efficiently manage things of interest (TOIs), where services and resources offered by things easily can be monitored, visualized, and aggregated for value-added services by users. Using practical experience gained from this system, the authors identify several R&D opportunities for building future IoT applications.

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Garage Door Openers: An Internet of Things Case Study
IEEE Security & Privacy - July/August 2015

As the Internet of Things grows, household appliances are increasingly facing threats that come with being connected to the Internet. Focusing on one particularly security-relevant product--the garage door opener--how might IoT devices be designed with security in mind?

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The Internet of Things and the Connected Vehicle
IEEE Standards Insight Blog - July 2015

In this blog, Bill Ash, Strategic Technology Program Director, IEEE Standards Association, examines how existing technologies, such as the IEEE 2030.5 standard, will coexist and interoperate with next generation technologies, including IoT and the connected vehicle.

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Google Funds University Living Lab for Internet of Things
IEEE Spectrum - July 2015

"Carnegie Mellon University's campus could soon transform into a living laboratory for testing how Internet-connected sensors, gadgets, and buildings might change our daily life. Google has awarded half a million dollars to Carnegie Mellon and a broader university coalition to develop the technologies needed to make that vision a reality."

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MEMS in Medical Devices: Hockey-stick Growth, Standards, and the Internet of Things
MDT Medical Design Technology - July 2015

The current, rapidly increasing use of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), the advent of an Internet of Things (IoT) and the interactive role these technologies will play in healthcare going forward will likely change the world as we know it.

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The Internet of Things and the consulting-specifying engineer
Consulting-Specifying Engineer - July 2015

What considerations should a consulting specifying engineer make for the demands of scale? And should a smart building be its own Intranet of Things, or should it be connected to the larger Internet of Things?

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Even bigger data: Getting the most out of your implementation
CloudTech - June 2015

"Over the last week or so, I’ve had the opportunity to view a collection of talks and articles about new network technologies related to how data is gathered, moved, and distributed. A common element in all of these discussions is the presence of big data."

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Wearable Medical Devices and End-to-End Healthcare
MDT Medical Design Technology - June 2015

"Wearable, low-power medical devices hold the promise of vastly improving the efficiency and cost of end-to-end (E2E) healthcare delivery. While this is particularly true in developing countries, success in this burgeoning domain would benefit all of humanity, in both developed and emerging economies."

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How the smart grid will impact IoT
ECN - June 2015

"The North American electric grid is a patchwork of several large, synchronous AC grids that are loosely interconnected with each other. Some 9,000 utility generating plants produce electric energy into high-voltage transmission lines and substations, which carry electricity to remote load centers where it is distributed to customers through some 145 million retail meters. Each regional grid is centrally monitored and controlled so that the generating plants will meet the aggregate needs of customers within the constraints of the transmission system."

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Why IoT Needs 5G
IEEE Spectrum - May 2015

"When 5G, the fifth generation of wireless communications technology, arrives in 2020, engineers expect that it will be able to handle about 1000 times more mobile data than today's cellular systems. It will also become the backbone of the Internet of Things (IoT), linking up fixed and mobile devices--vending machines and cars alike--becoming part of a new industrial and economic revolution, some say."

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IoT Security Faces Policy Gap
EE Times - May 2015

The Internet of Things can bring down barriers that currently exist between vertical markets and domains so valuable information can be shared more readily to everyone's benefit. The value of moving data easily among sensors, devices and the cloud is clear, but enabling this capability raises serious privacy and security issues that we must address to foster the continued advancement of the IoT.

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Is the IoT Really 'Internet of Sensors'?
Enterprise Tech - May 2015

"A contrarian view of the conceptual framework known as the Internet to Things asserts that it should really be called the Internet of Sensors. "Companies that embrace the IoS and not the IoT will be the winners in the connected world," claims the U.K.-based technology and development organization called The Technology Partnership."

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What Does IoT + Big Data Mean to You?
ECN - April 2015

Nearly everyone who has recently viewed advertisements on the Web, seen recommendations in on-line shopping, used protection for fraud and security, or any number of other applications using data from the "crowd" has felt the impact of Big Data. We are now starting to feel the effect of a much bigger "crowd", the Internet of Things (IoT). The opportunities for innovation from the combination of Big Data and IoT will, once again, change how we think about using the Internet.

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IEEE predicts mind control on tap for 2025
SmartGridNews - April 2015

"At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona recently, IEEE surveyed attendees, as well as members of IEEE's social platforms -- more than 3,000 people -- to determine how they feel about certain devices for technology control in the year 2025. The results were surprising."

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How IoT will affect telecom
ECN - March 2015

This is the second blog in the monthly IEEE IoT Brain Trust series, a collection of blogs that will explore IoT in the industry. In this two-part blog, Robert S. Fish, PhD., takes a look at how IoT will affect telecom. Robert S. Fish is Vice President, Standards Activities, IEEE Communications Society; Member-at-Large, IEEE Standards Association Board of Governors; President, Netovations, LLC.

Read Part I and Part II of this blog at ECN


Beware of these IoT designs with security flaws
TechRepublic - March 2015

What do Kung-Fu Grip, Secret Handshake, Postcards Home, and Baby Duck Authentication have in common? They're all IoT design patterns with security flaws.

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Developing exemplary smart cities for a smarter world
Embedded Computing Design - March 2015

"As cities grow and the world barrels toward urbanization, it's important to stay smart about city planning. It's estimated that $10 trillion in investments will be needed for urban infrastructure by 2025. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is working to help municipalities address urbanization and integrate technology to create smart cities in its Smart Cities Initiative (SCI)."

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A 'Building Code' For Internet of Things Security, Privacy
Dark Reading - March 2015

In the fast-emerging IoT, medical device safety is reaching a critical juncture. Here are three challenges InfoSec professionals should begin to think about now.

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How softwarization will affect the Internet of Things
ECN - March 2015

While Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are mutually beneficial, they are not dependent on each other. Network functions can be virtualized and deployed without an SDN being required and vice-versa. But both can be seen as expressions of a systemic "softwarization" trend that is not only impacting telecom but other Industries as well.

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IoT Initiative Poised for Growth in Collaboration with COMSOC
IEEE Communications Magazine - February 2015

The February President's page is devoted to the IEEE Internet of Things initiative. Because of its scope, and the many ComSoc volunteers involved in it, this initiative is a paradigmatic example of how ComSoc can (and should) contribute to multidisciplinary endeavours sponsored by IEEE.

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Getting Serious About Cybersecurity
IEEE Standards Insight Blog - February 2015

With each emerging technology and, especially, multidisciplinary, connected technologies such as the Internet of Things, new cybersecurity threats increase as well. IEEE addresses this issue on several fronts and at multiple levels as outlined in this blog.

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Do You Have the Right to Be Disconnected?
Product Design & Development - February 2015

We are all connected people according to panelists brought together for Engineering Live: The Connected Person on Feb. 25, but the way we balance connectivity and privacy is still being determined by our technology and our society.

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Radio chip for the “Internet of things”
MIT News - February 2015

Circuit that reduces power leakage when transmitters are idle could greatly extend battery life.

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FTC Report on Internet of Things Urges Companies to Adopt Best Practices to Address Consumer Privacy and Security Risks
Federal Trade Comission - January 2015

Report recognizes rapid growth of connected devices offers societal benefits, but also risks that could undermine consumer confidence



Five myths (debunked) about security and privacy for Internet of Things
CSO Online - January 2015

IoT has the potential to enable improvements to so many facets of life, the list is endless. Its primary advancement is enabling the interconnectedness of "things" and resulting insights and synergies. Yet that same connectedness raises concerns for security and privacy that must be addressed.

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3 reasons why the Internet of Things (still) doesn’t make sense
The Washington Post - January 2015

If there was one big buzzword out of this year’s CES, it was the “Internet of Things.” Just about every major tech company seemingly wants to sell products or services as part of the Internet of Things. According to Cisco chief executive John Chambers, the Internet of Things could be a $19 trillion opportunity, with more than 50 billion objects hooked up to the Internet by 2020. The momentum behind the Internet of Things seems to be pretty much unstoppable, right?

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How I Launched an Internet-of-Things Pet Product
The Institute - January 2015

In this article by Tom Kowalick, chair of the IEEE 1616 standard working group committee and president of AIRMIKA, Inc., he explains how he invented Luck-E-Dog, a tag that makes it possible for pets to call home.

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FTC Urges IoT Privacy, Security-by-Design at CES
Threatpost - January 2015

In her keynote address yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Edith Ramirez imagined the dystopic convergence of big data conglomerates and a ceaseless information gathering machine fueled by the constant connectivity ushered in by the so-called "Internet of Things."

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BlackBerry unveils Internet of Things platform at CES
CBC News - January 2015

Canadian company hopes to leverage reputation for security in growing market for everyday web-connected device

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See What IEEE Has in Store for the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show
The Institute - January 2015

A mind-controlled game and famous guests will make an appearance

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What to Expect at CES 2015 and Beyond
IEEE Spectrum - January 2015

"At the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, there will be a sea of new devices and gizmos jostling for our attention. Many of them are simply the latest iteration of established technologies, but other newcomers represent emerging trends that are likely to influence entire categories of products--and even help forge new categories."

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At the International CES, the Internet of Things Hits Home
The New York Times - January 2015

"This is the digital lifestyle not just coming into concept but into practical execution," said John Curran, managing director of communications, media and technology at the consulting firm Accenture. "The Internet of Things is touching almost every aspect of your life, and it's bringing in a host of new companies and new partnerships."

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