Publications - 2016


How the Internet of Things Impacts ICT and Green ICT Efforts
Intelligent Utility - November 2016

In this article, Jaafar Elmirghani, IEEE Green ICT Initiative Co-Chair, and professor at University of Leeds, examines how IoT’s rise will further challenge our efforts to “green” – or make more sustainable – information and communication technology (ICT).

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Smart Cities, Big Data, and the Internet of Things
IEEE Standards University - November 2016

Today, the rate of data generation doubles every 12 months and will soon double every 12 hours. At the same time, IoT machine-to-machine IP traffic will grow 44% each year until 2020. Now, as these digital technologies are being woven into today's Smart Cities, how can big data and the IoT be used for urban analysis?

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Wanted: Smart Public Policy for Internet of Things Security
IEEE Spectrum - November 2016

While the Internet of Things offers many benefits, vulnerable IoT devices will put everyone at risk. Recent cyberattacks utilizing IoT devices reinforces why it is so crucial for manufacturers to program basic security measures into their devices. Now, experts in the U.S. are asking regulators to step in.

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IEEE Technology Time Machine Explores Big-Picture Ideas
The Institute - November 2016

"At this year’s IEEE Technology Time Machine conference, technologists got the opportunity to imagine an ideal future—one in which all diseases have been cured, every country has a stable economy, and telepresence is commonplace. The event encouraged attendees to think big, then step back to figure out how to make lofty goals possible."

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Internet of Things (IoT): 2017 Predictions From Forrester
Forbes - November 2016

Forrester's recent report, “Predictions 2017: Security And Skills Will Temper Growth Of IoT”, shares predictions to help CIOs tackle the rapidly changing IoT landscape to deliver and enable connected products and businesses processes. This article from Forbes examines the research firm’s specific IoT predictions for next year.

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IEEE Wireless Communications: Special Issue on IoT, October 2016

IEEE Wireless Communications: Special Issue on IoT, October 2016

  • Internet-of-Things-Based Smart Environments
  • Trustworthy Crowdsourcing in the Social Internet of Things
  • End-to-End Biometrics-Based Security for IoT Infrastructure
  • Privacy Attacks and Defenses in Cloud-Enabled Internet of Vehicles
  • The Rising Stars in the IoT And Smart City Scenarios
  • Ipv6-Based Hierarchical Internet of Things
  • Big Data Analytics in the Social Internet Of Things

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IoT, Big Data, Fog Computing, and How the Work of Today Can Shape Tomorrow
IoT Tech - October 2016

In this article, Doug Zuckerman, chair of IEEE Technology Time Machine 2016, discusses the major technologies featured at this year's conference and singles out IoT as key.

“IoT is the one that I think is going to have the biggest impact,” he tells IoT Tech News. “It seems to be something that a lot of companies have picked up on and they’re trying to put a stake in the ground on it.”

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IoT on the Rise
IEEE Transmitter - October 2016

The Internet of Things is making its way into more and more industries each day. Nearly 30% of businesses around the world have begun limited IoT deployments, making our world more connected than ever. Where do you see IoT in 10 years?

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How Will Society Interact With the Internet of Things?
IoT Evolution World - October 2016

In this article, Clinton J. Andrews examines the social, economic, and political forces that shape the demand for new technologies such as the Internet of Things. Andrews is a Professor at the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University, an IEEE Future Directions and IEEE IoT volunteer, and he will be speaking at IEEE TTM, 20-21 October 2016 in San Diego, CA, USA.

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The Internet of Things Is Full of Motes, Domotics, and BANs
IEEE Spectrum - September 2016

An explosion of devices means an explosion of words: the Internet of Things is bringing a new wave of vocabulary. This article from IEEE Spectrum takes a look at a few noteworthy coinages related to the Internet of Things.

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Pervasive Intelligence: IoT Human-to-Machine and M2M Interaction Challenges
IoT Evolution World - September 2016

"Current trends point to the emergence of a fantastic future in less than a decade. Advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence will enable pervasive intelligence in everyday devices to learn and dynamically support our preferences and lifestyles at home, at work and on the move. The still somewhat vague phrase, the “Internet of Things” (IoT), captures this vision."

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An Internet of Frugal Things for Small Agriculture
IEEE Technical Community Spotlight - September 2016

Approximately 2.5 billion people worldwide live directly from agricultural production systems. Since so little is known about small-scale farms, the lack of transparency regarding efficiency of each farm leads to leariness from investors and resellers. However, with frugal IoT, the ability to assess data about these farms may help provide insight into small-scale farming operations.

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IoT Data and Context Discovery
Computing Now - September 2016

The IoT’s advent has fuelled a paradigm shift in data and context discovery. Datasets that were once confined to single applications are now discoverable and available for reuse and repurposing in multiple applications. Computing Now’s September 2016 issue includes seven articles that examine opportunities and challenges in IoT data and context discovery.

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IoT Vulnerabilities: Simplified Models Identify Critical Clues
IoT Evolution World - August 2016

"Smart cities, smart grid, self-driving cars, wearable health monitors all have one thing in common – they are likely to link to and depend on the somewhat elusive concept of the Internet of Things (IoT)."

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Security in IoT Based on Smart Object Identities
IoT Evolution World - August 2016

"Secure IoT ecosystems require new identity management solutions to cope with new challenges due to the inherent nature and requirements of IoT, where the identities of a huge amount of heterogeneous smart objects need to be managed. Current proposed solutions need to be adapted to the envisioned scenarios allowing more flexible sharing models, as well as volatile and dynamic security associations between entities, while privacy is still preserved, keeping data minimization and unlinkability as main concerns."

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Rio Olympics: Visa Tests NFC-Enabled Wearables for Mobile Payments
RCR Wireless News - August 2016

Payments using near field communications (NFC) technology are getting a boost during the 2016 Rio Olympics as Visa tests using wearables for payments.

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Technology in the Summer Games Timeline
IEEE Transmitter - August 2016

The Summer Games originated in ancient Greece over 3,000 years ago with the modern Games taking place in 1896 in Athens. Since then, the Games have been at the forefront of technology development and usage. Explore the timeline to see how tech has influenced and evolved with the Games and athletes throughout the decades.

View the interactive timeline at IEEE Transmitter.


A New, Unifying Specification Eases Sensor Integration Challenges
IEEE Standards Insight Blog - August 2016

"Integrating sensors into small devices has never been easy, but today it’s even more complex—and more important—than ever before. Thanks to the smartphone industry that popularized sensor applications, consumers and businesses benefit daily from the information sensors provide. Sensors in all types of mobile-connected devices are enabling markets in many vertical industries and fueling the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT). Camera sensors are essential to autonomous vehicles, for example, and embedded biometric sensors are innovating new medical, health, and fitness products."

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The Internet of Everything
IEEE Spark - August 2016

Learn how the Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting our world in the latest issue of IEEE Spark! Meet an Internet of Things innovator, try a hands-on activity exploring the role of technical standards, check out the IEEE Internet of Things initiative, and discover additional IoT online resources and experiences.

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Meeting Cloud Challenges May Pave Way for IoT
ECN - July 2016

In the latest IEEE Brain Trust Blog, Chris Miyachi, chair of the IEEE Cloud Computing Community, and systems engineer/software architect at Xerox Corporation, examines a few key challenges relating to Cloud Computing, IoT, and Big Data such as storage, processing, security, and privacy. Miyachi outlines several strategies and paths to solutions that are currently underway.

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NIST’s Network-of-Things Model Builds Foundation to Help Define the Internet of Things
National Institute of Standards and Technology - July 2016

A new publication from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provides a basic model aimed at helping researchers better understand the Internet of Things (IoT) and its security challenges.


Download NIST Special Publication 800-183 Networks of 'Things' at (PDF, 3 MB)


The Next Wave, Vol. 21, No. 2, 2016
Internet of Things

The Next Wave: Internet of Things

The National Security Agency has published a special review on the Internet of Things. The latest edition of The Next Wave, the NSA's review of emerging technologies, features articles on new innovations, IoT privacy and security challenges, agile block ciphers for IoT, and more.

Becky Richards, NSA Director of Civil Liberties and Privacy, is the issue's guest editor.

Download this issue at (PDF, 5 MB)





The Memory Of Cars
Forbes - July 2016

The Internet of Things will be a great driver for memory and storage technology both at the source device and in the network and supports and uses the data from that device. The promise of safe intelligent and autonomous transportation is impossible without significant memory and storage capabilities offered by today’s and tomorrow’s digital memory and storage technologies.

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Connected Vehicles: Advancing Technology for the Future - July 2016

Bruce Kraemer, President of the IEEE Standards Association, discusses how current standards development for connected vehicles will help transform the car of the near future from an isolated island of glass and steel to a fully interconnected node in the Internet of Things (IoT).



Graphene-Silicon Photodetector Could Enable the Internet of Things
IEEE Spectrum - July 2016

Simple and cheap to produce, a graphene-based photodetector could significantly reduce energy consumption in optical data transmission -- a key achievement in realizing the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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The Netherlands Creates First National Network Dedicated to IoT
ZDNet - July 2016

The LoRaWAN-based system developed by Dutch telco KPN is geared for sensors and other devices with low power and bandwidth requirements.

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Micro-Supercapacitor Embedded in a Chip Could Power IoT Apps
Engineering360 - June 2016

VTT says its micro-supercapacitor is able to compete with carbon- and graphene-based devices in power, energy and durability.

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Smart Homes: IoT in the Kitchen
IEEE Transmitter - June 2016

Smart devices and appliances have started to infiltrate the kitchen with the goal of making our lives easier when it comes to preparing meals. The engineering of items like multicookers and slow cookers, scales and ovens, strive to bring the future into our kitchens.

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IoT Security Issues: How to Secure the Network
Datamation - June 2016

IEEE member William Webb shares his views on IoT security, noting wireless access points and central servers as main targets for hackers. In Webb's view, the problem isn't in the devices – rather, end-servers are the weakest link, and the spot where the data is hosted is most at risk.

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Wearables At Work: 9 Security Steps Worth Taking
Information Week - June 2016

Wearables are finding their way into organizations, whether or not IT departments are prepared to deal with them. As the number of endpoints continues to grow, so does the potential for hacks. These nine pointers will help you prepare your organization to keep ahead of threats.

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IEEE Reliability Magazine: Special Issue on Big Data, May 2016

IEEE Reliability Magazine - May 2016

For more information about this issue, please see IEEE Reliability Magazine, May 2016.






The Future of IoT
IEEE Transmitter - May 2016

IoT products are inching their way into our homes at a fast pace. Just as with any other type of consumer product, there are questions about the future of these advanced products. William Webb, IEEE Fellow and CEO of Weightless SIG, an expert on IoT, shares his insight.

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Looking Back at CES Asia
IEEE Transmitter - May 2016

In this interview, Tom Coughlin, Chair of the IEEE Public Visibility Committee and member of the 2016 IEEE Technology Time Machine Organizing Committee, discusses the top tech trends at this year's CES Asia.

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Field Force 2.0: The Rise of the Connected Worker
Wearable Tech News - May 2016

In this article, AJ Bubb, Wearables Practice Lead for North America in Accenture Emerging Technology, discusses how we can leverage hands free technology and wearables, such as smart glasses, as a means to equip the field force with the ability to solve problems. AJ blogs regularly about wearables and IoT, and he will be speaking at the IEEE Technology Time Machine conference this October in San Diego.

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Rethinking Processor Architectures
Semiconductor Engineering - May 2016

IEEE recently launched the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS) to develop a comprehensive, end-to-end view of the computing ecosystem. This article examines how IRDS will affect the computing industry, the challenges ahead, and the program's impact on IoT.

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Standards for the Internet of Things: A Case Study in Disaster Response
Computer - May 2016

This article from IEEE Computer Magazine discusses how IoT can be utilized as part of a disaster emergency response system to help first responders save lives, the challenges of system implementation, and how harmonious standardization is essential to ensure reliable interoperability between the systems involved.

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The Increasingly Concerning Carbon Footprint of Information and Telecommunication Technologies
ECN - April 2016

In this IEEE IoT Brain Trust Blog, Cicek Cavdar, IEEE Green ICT Initiative, discusses the expanding carbon footprint of ICT, how IoT is forecast to accelerate its growth, and the critical challenges of making ICT more energy efficient, affordable, and sustainable to accommodate these trends.

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IoT and Wearable Devices: How Standardisation Is Helping to Drive Market Adoption
WearableTech - April 2016

The role of standards is key to providing the needed functionality, interoperability and security for IoT and wearable technology. In this article, Bill Ash, Strategic Technology Program Director for IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA), discusses how the IEEE-SA has been working in a number of areas to help build consensus on the adoption of wearable devices.

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Why the New Ethernet Standard Will Spur Innovation in the Connected Car
ConnectedCarTech - April 2016

In this article, Steve Carlson, chair of the IEEE P802.3bw 100BASE-T1 Task Force, shares how the IEEE 802.3bw-2015 standard has immediate implications for the connected car, as well as supporting a unified platform for the connected car's future in the Internet of Things.

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Will Smart Home Technology Change the Way We Live?
Digital Terminal - April 2016

From smart refrigerators to smart entertainment systems to smart HVAC systems, different appliances and objects are getting smarter and connecting to the Internet and each other. You can expect this technology to further permeate your life in the future, especially at home. IEEE Senior member Arthur Ziviani, IEEE Senior member Yu Yuan, and IEEE Fellow William Webb discuss a number of smart home technologies that will change the way we live.

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Ask The Experts: Green Information and Communication Technology
The Insitute - April 2016

In this IEEE Roundup article from The Institute, IEEE Member and IEEE Green ICT Initiative Co-Chair Thierry Klein addresses readers' questions on how to make devices more eco-friendly as well as the implications of big data and the Internet of Things on ICT's energy efficiency.

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Hacking Your Phone
60 Minutes - April 2016

In this 60 Minutes news report, correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi reports on how cellphones and mobile phone networks are vulnerable to hacking. By exploiting a security flaw in Signaling System Seven, or SS7, hackers can take control of a smartphone just by knowing its number.

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An IEEE Perspective: 2016 HIMSS in Review
Medical Design Technology - April 2016

This article by Bill Ash, Strategic Technology Program Director, IEEE Standards Association, recaps important trends at HIMSS this year and demonstrates how IEEE is helping drive the development of a value-based healthcare system based on standardization and an open, interoperable framework that can integrate multivendor solutions for network optimization and multi-device integration.

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Big Data: Smart Grid and the IoTNY
IEEE Smart Grid - April 2016

The Navy Yard in Philadelphia, being an unregulated electric distribution system, independent of the local utility, began with enormous potential and the private businesses, universities and government entities who continue to invest collaboratively are keenly aware of this. By applying technology that is not yet widespread, The Navy Yard has become a testbed for the trends that will become the future of the utility industry.

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Bluetooth IoT Devices Tout New Energy Savings
ReadWrite - March 2016

The Bluetooth SIG unveiled their own new energy-efficient specification for Internet of Things (IoT) devices that use Bluetooth communications protocols. This new specification called Transport Discovery Service (TDS) is applicable to devices with Bluetooth Core Specification version 4.0 or later.

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How to Protect Wearable Devices Against Cyberattacks
The Institute - March 2016

IEEE Cybersecurity experts are sharing ways to identify and prevent software design flaws. "WearFit: Security Design Analysis of a Wearable Fitness Tracker," a recent document released by the IEEE Center for Secure Design, describes how security flaws in a wearable fitness-tracking device can be avoided.

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Standardizing 3D Body Processing Technology
ECN - March 2016

In the latest IEEE IoT Brain Trust Blog, Luciano Oviedo, chair of the IEEE Standards Association Industry Connections' 3D Body Processing Activity, discusses current efforts to explore and develop standards across four 3D body processing technology domains -- of-the-body, on-the-body, fusion, and consumption -- where we expect to see a wide range of benefits.

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IEEE Standards Education eMagazine, March 2016

The theme of the March 2016 issue of IEEE Standards Education eMagazine is: IoT, Cybersecurity, and the related standards. Featured articles include:

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IEEE IoT Initiative Lets Startups Showcase Their Products
The Institute - February 2016

The initiative is helping entrepreneurs present their Internet of Things products to potential investors at events including this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

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Big Data, IoT: Solving the World's Water Woes
Smart Grid News - February 2016

"Recent advances in science and technology, and, in particular big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), provide opportunities to prevent water waste. By gathering detailed measurements and leveraging analytics, it is possible to develop an end-to-end picture of our water supply to safeguard its quality and security."

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IEEE's Technical Communities Growing Rapidly
The Institute - February 2016

With 10,000 members, the IEEE IoT Technical Community has become the fastest growing technical community created by the IEEE Future Directions Committee. Roberto Minerva, IEEE IoT chairman, speaks with The Institute about the group's success, the challenge to continue to engage members, and efforts to involve industry.

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Wave and enter: The wearable tech set to kill the password and PIN for good
Wareable - February 2016

Smartwatches, NFC rings, RFID chips... What wearable tech device would you choose to replace your password? IEEE Senior member Kevin Curran shares his insights on biometric security with wearables, including physical and behavioral characteristics.

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The IoT Connection: Taking the Internet to the Next Physical Level
Computer - February 2016

Vint Cerf, vice president and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google Research; and Max Senges, program manager at Google Research, take a look at the challenges and delights we'll find in a future enabled by the Internet of Things.

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IoT’s Special Gift to Big Data
ECN - January 2016

"The term “information age” has been used for decades. Information is data, so by association, are we living in the “data age?” It appears so. Advances in the communication mediums that move information to so many so rapidly enable both."

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Infographic: Internet of Things (IoT)
IEEE Communications Society - January 2016

IEEE ComSoc has released a newly designed Infographic on the Internet of Things. They are also offering an intermediate level course, Wireless for the Internet of Things, on 27 April 2016. This course is intended for engineers creating, or about to create, products for use with IoT applications.

Check out the Infographic and register now for the online course.


Beyond the Hype: These Technologies at CES Can Help People in Need
The Institute - January 2016

A wearable that helps people with disabilities communicate and a kit that helps workers dismantle landmines are among the award-winning devices.

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IEEE 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow Emerges for IoT
Enterprise Networking Planet - January 2016

"Wi-Fi in 2016 is pervasive already, with over 12 billion Wi-Fi enabled devices shipped to date and 3 billion more forecast to ship this year. Helping to fuel Wi-Fi growth in 2016 and beyond will be the market for the Internet of Things (IoT). A key pillar to enable Wi-Fi is the emerging IEEE 802.11ah specification, which the Wi-Fi Alliance is branding as HaLow."

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CES 2016: Complete Coverage of the Best Emerging Tech
IEEE Spectrum - January 2016

Check out IEEE Spectrum's complete coverage of the hottest gadgets and the latest technology trends at CES 2016, the world's biggest electronics show.

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CES: The Engineer’s Scorecard
IEEE Spectrum - January 2016

"We can trace the current frenzy around the Internet of Things back to technologies presented at ICCE events that stretch back to the 1990s, when always-on, always-connected consumer devices first started appearing..."

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IoT Innovations at CES 2016: What to Expect
InformationWeek - January 2016

Experts forecast the Internet of Things will make progress for the consumer market at the annual CES show in Las Vegas.

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Learning Internet-of-Things Security “Hands-on”
IEEE Security & Privacy - January/February 2016

What can you glean from using inexpensive, off-the-shelf parts to create Internet of Things (IoT) use cases? As it turns out, a lot. The fast productization of IoT technologies is leaving users vulnerable to security and privacy risks.

Read more from IEEE Security & Privacy (PDF, 663 KB)