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HOP Ubiquitous: OMA LwM2M - Deploying and making maintainable the Internet of Things

M2M / Device management
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OMA LwM2M presents the leader device management protocol in the market for Internet of Things solutions. OMA LwM2M is not just another standard; its integration in oneM2M makes it a coherent with the scientific and industry communities trends. In addition, OMA LwM2M brings the experience (over 10 years) from OMA Device Management (OMA DM), which was deployed and tested in millions of TV decoders, DSL modems etc. Therefore, OMA LwM2M is the most relevant technology to enable an Internet of Things in to maintainable, scalable and secure way. HOP Ubiquitous presents its OMA LwM2M Full stack covering from IoT devices (embedded IoT stack) and the IoT management platform (Homard). This presentation shows the benefits of this technology and the market enabled thanks to this standard.
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