IEEE IoT Newsletter - January 2016

Article 1

A Rapid IoT Prototyping Toolkit

Shayne Hodge

Agile methodologies have become quite popular in the software engineering community; while definitions vary, many would include building complete, though minimal, functionality first, so the product can be experimented with early on. This allows for the development team to determine if they're actually building the right piece of software early on in the process.


Article 2

The Rise of IoT – why today?

Mirko Presser

Ten years ago the principal devices accessing the Internet were PCs and laptops – it was a simpler world to understand and describe. But this changed rapidly in the years that followed. First came the smartphones which changed the way that people consumed online services and even interacted with the world.


Article 3

Hypercat: Resource Discovery on the Internet of Things

John Davies

HyperCat is an initiative that aims to address the issue of semantic interoperability for IoT. In 2014, innovateUK (the UK's innovation agency) funded a programme called the Internet of Things Ecosystem Demonstrator. Eight industry-led projects were funded to deliver IoT clusters. Each cluster focused on a different domain such as, for example, smart transport (the BT-led, airports, smart homes, schools, and so on. Clusters were based around a data hub to aggregate and expose data feeds from multiple sensor types.


Article 4

Building a Crowdsourced Global IoT Network Operator

Wienke Giezeman

The Things Network has crowdsourced a complete city-wide Internet of Things data network with the people of Amsterdam in six weeks. The data network uses a new technology called LoRaWAN™ that features low battery usage, long range and low bandwidth and allows for things to talk to the internet without 3G or WiFi. The Things Network has a mission to build a decentralized, open and crowdsourced IoT data network owned and operated by its users in every city in the world.



This Month's Contributors

Shayne Hodge had a career-defining moment in grad school, when he read Dealers of Lightning, a history of Xerox PARC in the 1970s, and realized his real interest was in the commercialization of really interesting technology.

Mirko Presser is the Head of Research and Innovation for the Smart City Lab at the Alexandra Institute in Denmark working on Open Data and the Internet of Things in the context of Smart Cities for Citizens.

John Davies is Chief Researcher in BT’s Future Business Technology research practice, where he leads a team focussed on Internet of Things.

Wienke Giezeman is a social internet entrepreneur. He successfully founded a video on demand startup (which was sold to a large publisher) and founded Startups for Net Neutrality as an internet freedom activist.


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