IoT Newsletter - May 2016

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Will IoT Help Robots Take Over Humankind Anytime Soon?

Sudha Jamthe

The Internet of Things (IoT) started embedding ordinary things on us and around us in many smart apps by adding sensors and internet connectivity. IoT has expanded to become the main enabler behind autonomous machines such as self-driving cars, autonomous tractors and algorithms that manage schedules, hiring, and travel plans1. IoT devices are now producing large volumes of data that have quickly become instrumental in addressing bespoke automation in many different application domains.


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Scarce Resource Pressures

Andy Haire

The objective of this third of four articles is to raise awareness of the influence that scarce resources play in the communications sector. For this writing, the scarcity will stay with two areas: the radio spectrum and the device identifiers. When the marketplace's government authority takes the longer view on the future of IoT devices two critical issues surface: how to communicate with and among these devices, and how can each device be uniquely addressed. Both present the designer with limitations in a market that sees unlimited opportunity.


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Internet of Things and Beyond: Cyber-Physical Systems

Kate Carruthers

The new industrial revolution is a cyber-physical systems revolution. The Internet of Things (IoT) forms a foundation for this cyber-physical systems revolution. It is driving the biggest shift in business and technology since World War II.


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A New Connected World

Swaytha Sasidharan

The home, business and work environments of today are poised to get smarter in the coming years. Moving on to the generation witnessing the proliferation of smart objects, the focus now shifts to improving the interactions with everyday objects and thereby improving user experience. The technology advancements now focus on moving away from the smartphone tied experiences to more real-time interactions. The increasing transition of everyday objects to smart objects has sparked the growth of wearables, nearables and hearables.



This Month's Contributors

Sudha Jamthe is the Stanford instructor of the first IoT Business course and the author of IoT Disruptions 2020.

Andrew Haire with more than 30 years of experience spanning four continents has been associated with some of the industry's most successful telecom initiatives.

Kate Carruthers is a technologist, marketer, entrepreneur, and educator.

Swaytha Sasidharan is a doctoral student with the University of Trento, Italy

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